PNW Quilting

Tips for success!

Get it in writing….

You should have a written proposal when you leave your quilt at the quilters.  Here at PNW Quilting, we discuss the pattern you’d like as well as the color of the thread used included on that proposal:

A.  Quilt density
      1.  A densely quilted piece will be stiff, but the pattern will be beautiful. A looser quilt pattern is   softer and drapes easier.
     2.  Dense quilting makes a quilt stiff and is not suitable for most beds and definitely not for baby    quilts.
     3.  Be clear about what kind of quilting you want and how much it will cost. 

B.  Quilt pattern
     1.  Will it be custom freehand or computer generated?
     2.  Custom quilting, where the design varies over the surface of the quilt is more expensive than having the same design quilted everywhere.
     3.  Will the same pattern cover the whole quilt? We call that edge to edge quilting.
     4.  Are there pattern changes in the borders and/or certain areas of the quilt top?

C.  Are you buying the batting, or did you bring your own?
D.  Is the back ready for quilting?  Or does it need to be pieced?  Will you be doing that or PNW Quilting?
E.  Finallyl

     Cost: How much are you being charged?